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Works chronologically 
Current as of June 2024

XXX (in progress) 

for traditional Iranian instruments

commissioned work for Aban-Ensemble

Zitadelle (in progress)

for solo organ

Kaleidoskop V (in progress)

for solo Cello


Curves (in progress)

for large orchestra



Flapper (2024)

for cello & piano

with Eckart Runge und Jacques Ammon

commissioned work for Carinthischer Sommer Festival

Hiking Songs (2023)

for string quartet

for Vogler-Quartett

Ava (2023)

for solo clarinet

commissioned work for Raphaël Schenkel

Thirty seconds for Neue Kammer (2023)

for 6 voices and string ensemble

commissioned work for Ensemble Neue Kammer

For K.G. (2023)

for solo piano

Score excerpt

Good Vibes (2023)

for soprano, mezzo-soprano and organ

commissioned work for OrgaVoce

Score excerpt

Fairy Lights (2022)

for double choir (2 x SATB)

commissioned work for Leipziger Kammerchor

Thirty seconds for three voices (2022)

for three female voices (S/M/A)

commissioned work for Ensemble Orgavoce

Score excerpt

Re: (2022)

for violin, clarinet and marimba

commissioned work for Puls-Ensemble

Score excerpt

Dialog  (2022) 

version for tenor (solo voice)

Double-Tilde (2022)

for recorder and harp

commissioned work for Duo L´Oro

Score excerpt

Music, pink and blue (2021)

for clarinet quintet (clarinet and string quartet)

commissioned work for Festival Klanglabor Hechingen

Amaryllis Quartett and Raphaël Schenkel (Clarinet)

AMA-teur-Gesänge (2021)

version for string orchestra

Kaleidoskop IV (2021)

for solo piano

for Caspar Frantz

Blow-up (2020–21) 

for orchestra

(3 (picc.).3 (eh.).3 (bcl.).2/ perc. (timp.)/1 hp./

Score excerpt

Kaleidoskop III (2020)

for solo oboe

for Nick Deutsch

Dialog  (2020) 

for female voice

Score excerpt

Kaleidoskop II (2020)

for solo violin

Score excerpt



Variationen für B (2020) 

for solo piano

commissioned work for Neue Leipziger Chopin-Gesellschaft

Score excerpt


Nova (2020) 

for mixed choir

commissioned work for das Leipziger Vocalensemble

Score excerpt

Madrigal – eternal summer (2019-20) 

for 6 voices and string ensemble

commissioned work for Ensemble Neue Kammer, Franziska Kuba


Kaleidoskop I (2019)

for solo viola

for Atilla Aldemir

AMA-teur-Gesänge (2019) 

for 8 double basses


Postkartenvariationen (2019 – second version)

for baroque-oboe (440 Hz) and baroque-recorder (415 Hz)

Postkartenvariationen (2018 – first version) 

for baroque-oboe (440 Hz) and baroque-recorder (415 Hz)

commissioned work for Event "Corelli in Hamburg"

„As“ you like it (2017) 

for 2 voices and ensemble (sopran, alt, 2 violins, harpsichord and violone)

Score excerpt

Cru (2015) 

for ensemble (violin, viola, double bass, accordion, 4 recorders)

commissioned work for Event "Bach in der Box" 


e.s.a.d.w. (2013) 

for solo guitar

Score excerpt

Der vierwändige Garten (2012) 

for solo violin

Ein Nachspiel zu „Peter und der Wolf“ (2011)

music theatre for two actors and ensemble (violin, accordin, percussion, piano and saxophone)

Ohne Titel (2011)

for two voices

Machaut-Paraphrase (2010)

for ensemble (accordion, cor anglais, bassoon and violin)

Sefid – eine elektronische Studie (2008)

electronic study

Cage-Variationen (2007)

for solo piano

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