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Solo works 

Zitadelle (in progress)

new piece for solo organ

Ava (2023)

for solo clarinet


For K.G. (2023)

for solo piano

Dialog  (2022) 

version for tenor (solo voice)

Kaleidoskop IV (2021)

for solo piano

Kaleidoskop III (2020)

for solo oboe

Dialog  (2020) 

for solo female voice

Kaleidoskop II (2020)

for solo violin


Variationen für B (2020) 

for solo piano

Kaleidoskop I (2019)

for solo viola

e.s.a.d.w. (2013) 

for solo guitar

Der vierwändige Garten (2012) 

for solo violin

Cage-Variationen (2007)

for solo piano

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