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Vocal music

Nocturne for Scheherazade (in progress)

for children´s mixed choir

Thirty seconds for Neue Kammer (2023)

for 6 voices and string ensemble

Good Vibes (2023)

for soprano, mezzo-soprano and organ

Fairy Lights (2022)

for double choir (2 x SATB)

Thirty seconds for three voices  (2022) 

for three female voices (S/M/A)

Dialog  (2022) 

version for tenor (solo voice)

Dialog  (2020) 

for solo female voice

Nova (2020) 

for mixed choir

Madrigal – eternal summer (2019-20) 

for 6 voices and string ensemble

„As“ you like it (2017) 

for soprano, alt, 2 violins, harpsichord and violone

Ohne Titel (2011)

for two voices

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