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Chamber music

new work (in progress)

for piano and cello

Re: (2022)

for violin, clarinet and marimba

Double-Tilde (2022)

for Recorder and Harp

Music, pink and blue (2021)

for Clarinet Quintet

Madrigal – eternal summer (2019-20) 

for 6 voices and string ensemble

AMA-teur-Gesänge (2019) 

for 8 double basses

Postkartenvariationen (2019 – second version)

for baroque-oboe (440 Hz) and baroque-recorder (415 Hz)

Postkartenvariationen (2018 – first version) 

for baroque-oboe (440 Hz) and baroque-recorder (415 Hz)

„As“ you like it (2017) 

for soprano, alt, 2 violins, harpsichord and violone

Cru (2015) 

for violin, viola, double bass, accordion and 4 recorders (2 players)


Machaut-Paraphrase (2010)

for accordion, cor anglais, bassoon and violin

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